About The Authors

Erik Jacoby

            Erik has a BA in Economics from San Francisco State University.  His interest in the Giza pyramids began 30 years ago.  As an economist, Erik found it difficult to accept that so many resources might have been devoted to the construction of the two largest and most intricate pyramids built for the sole purpose of burying a single body.  His extensive research has led him to conclude that the Giza pyramid complex had a much higher purpose which will only be fully realized once certain technologies and social enlightenment have been achieved.
Erik lives with his wife, Johanna, in rural Northern California.  He is an educator of California history just before the discovery of gold; he enjoys growing vegetables and table grapes in his garden; and he dabbles in rehabilitating homes and buildings.

Johanna Friesen

            Johanna has a BA in Physical Education with Dance Emphasis from San Francisco State University.  The granddaughter of a Baptist minister, her Bible study has evolved since childhood.  Erik  presented Johanna with the research of Piazzi Smyth, an Astronomer who had meticulously measured the Great Pyramid, because he had introduced his book with a quote from the Bible.  Johanna contributed her Bible study knowledge to help Erik develop his hypothesis.         
Johanna is the director of an educational enrichment center in a rural town where many parents homeschool their children.  She teaches Spanish, Creative Writing, and various forms of dance; and she tutors all subjects through community college level.  Johanna enjoys directing dance and musical theatre productions; she gifts needlework products; and she assists Erik on rehabilitation projects.